Free virtual BTU 2020

Despite the postponement of the 2020 races until 17th April 2021, we’d like to give runners the opportunity to enjoy running the Butcombe this year as a ‘virtual’ event.

How does it work?

Run either of the race routes in one go by 1st November 2020, starting anywhere you like along the course (but of course we highly recommend finishing at a pub!)

Send an email to with the following info:

  • Your name, gender and age category
  • Which course you ran
  • The date you ran
  • Your total elapsed time (not ‘moving’ time)
  • A link to evidence (Strava, Garmin, RideWithGPS, MapMyRun, etc)
  • At least one photo of you on the route or at your finish (optional)

We will publish all results as they come in on a special results page on the BTU website, and update periodically on our Facebook page. Unfortunately ITRA / UTMB points are not available for virtual events.

You don’t need to finish within the 15/16 hour cut-off to appear in the results, but the run must be completed in a single attempt.

Closing date for submissions is 1st November 2020.

How much does it cost?


TACH normally donates all proceeds of the BTU to the Mendip Hills Fund, who of course we have been unable to support this year. If you can afford it, please consider sending them a small donation using JustGiving here, and do mention the event if you wish to leave a comment.

Are there prizes?

No, this is just for fun, but you will have the glory of your name being recorded for all-time on a special page on the website, and getting a mention on our Facebook group.

Are there medals?

Yes! We have a limited surplus of ultra-rare* 2020 medals that will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis to people who complete the virtual event within, or close to, the normal cutoff times (15h / 16h).

If you would like a medal, we only ask that you make a donation of at least £10 to the Mendip Hills Fund. Make sure the donation is ‘visible’ and mention ‘Virtual Butcombe Trail Ultra’ in the comment. Let us know your address and we’ll post out the appropriate medal.

If the bling is important to you then please email in advance to let us know when you’ll be running so we can reserve one for you.

And finally…

Please be respectful of the environment and the people that live and work in the Mendips, particularly the landowners whose property your are crossing. Give way to walkers, and be especially courteous and give plenty of space and advance warning when overtaking.

Please follow all current government rules and guidelines on social distancing and visiting outdoor spaces, and if you want to run as a group with friends then please keep your group small (no more than 6 as a maximum).

Remember that this isn’t an organised event. You MUST stick to public Rights of Way and are entirely responsible for your own navigation and safety (printable OS maps and GPX files can be found on the routes page).

Most importantly – Have fun!

*Currently they really are ultra-rare. However, to avoid unnecessary waste and maximise what we can give to charity, we’ll be using these medals for the re-scheduled 2020 race in April 2021. If you get a medal for the virtual race, you might want to consider doing the other distance in April to get an even-rarer matching set!

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