The 2016 race is over and went off smoothly with 33 runners and an unexpected 100% completion rate in spite of some torrential rain and cloud down to ground level at points which made navigation a challenge.  It was won by Clare Prosser who runs with both Wells City Harriers and TACH in an incredible time of 7hrs 51mins.

There are a load of photos of the event on our Facebook page and Natasha Green, second lady, wrote this write up which appeared in the autumn edition of our TACH Rough Running News.  Here are the full results, below which you’ll find the treasurer’s report which shows how we spent the money:

Position Name Time
1 Clare Prosser 07:51:15
2 Daniel Green 09:10:40
2 Adrian Savery 09:10:40
4 Tom Bullivant 09:46:05
5 Andrew Grant 09:46:08
6 Joel Eaton 10:14:17
6 Richard Harris 10:14:17
8 James Wotton 10:20:50
9 Clive Attwood 10:24:40
9 Natasha Breen 10:24:40
11 Jonathan Westlake 10:31:55
12 Matt Garnett 10:46:30
12 Hugh Somerset 10:46:30
14 Wayne Lee 11:03:35
15 Paul Masters 11:10:24
15 Beth Taylor-Jones 11:10:24
17 Richard Clifton 11:10:30
17 Bernard Genge 11:10:30
19 Catherine Mills 11:14:00
20 Andrew Jubb 11:14:10
21 John Nash 11:29:30
21 Wendy Sharpe-Nash 11:29:30
23 Judith Chubb-Whittle 11:34:40
24 Sharon Walton 11:49:40
25 Adrian Edwards 11:49:41
26 Gareth Hiscock 12:23:31
27 Hayley Corr 13:37:15
27 Tim Haysom 13:37:15
27 Cath Taylor 13:37:15
30 Karen Davies 14:50:29
30 Ian Kilgarriff 14:50:29
32 Wayne Entwistle 16:18:40
33 Derek Almond 16:22:12

Treasurer’s report [originally posted on our Facebook page]

The Butcombe Trail Ultra is put on by Town and Country Harriers, a small off-road running club from Bristol and all our surplus goes to the Mendip Hills Fund, a local charity run by the Mendip Hills AONB.

We want to be totally transparent so here’s what we spent last year’s money on and a copy of our 2016 accounts.

We’re ultra runners ourselves and know that it can be an expensive hobby with some races charging an arm and a leg. We’ve concentrated on spending money on the things that are important to us when we race and set a target to keep the race entry for affiliated runners under £50 which is good value for a 48+ mile race.

Our biggest cost was first aid at over £1,300 for professional first aid support. This is a lot of cash but worth every penny. The race covers a large area, much of it not very accessible, and we needed to have first aid teams around the course for the full 16 hours that there were runners out.

We had great support from our sponsors. The largest of these was Butcombe Brewing Co who provided beer for the prizes as well as a generous cash donation. The Butcombe pubs on the route were really happy to have aid stations in front of their pubs or in their car parks and made the marshals based there very welcome.

We know from personal experience that food is VERY important on such a long run and we consulted the runners on what they wanted to eat on the way round. Everyone said they enjoyed the food on offer especially the home made cakes and sandwiches.

Town and Country Harriers, our club, donated an extra £250 of club funds to beef up the donation to The Mendip Hills Fund.

The nature of these races is that all the costs are fixed apart from food so, because we’re not taking any profit out.  Once we’ve broken even every additional runner’s entry fee goes almost entirely to charity.

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