Spectator Info

Spectators are welcome anywhere on the course that’s a public right of way, but the best places to cheer people on are at the various village pub checkpoints (see times and maps below). The runners will really appreciate the support, so why not come along, grab a pint, and cheer them through? Our friendly marshals at each pub will be happy to talk to you about the race whenever they aren’t busy assisting runners.

Race HQ will be active all day at The Swan, and the marshals / Race Director there will be able to update you on general progress (although we aren’t able to tell you where a specific runner is).

Could supporters coming to The Swan please park in the runners’ car park field, not the pub car park.

If you want to follow a runner more closely by car or bike, head to the routes page and download the full map pack, then catch up with them anywhere the route crosses or follows a road.

Details of the pubs (postcodes, opening times, etc) can be found on the pub pages.

We have calculated the expected times for runners to be coming through each checkpoint as follows:

Note: these are unlikely to be as accurate as the times imply!

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