The Swan, Rowberrow

“Rowberrow is an ex-mining village, and The Swan has been created from 3 knocked-through miners’ cottages, overlooking the heather-strewn beauty of Beacon Batch. The pub has been around since the late 1700’s and started life as a cider house, but the real draw of The Swan is the food and delicious offering of ale.”


Please visit the pub’s website for up-to-date opening hours, food serving times, menus, contact details and other info:

Recommended recces

We rely on the generosity of all the pub landlords / managers to allow us to use their facilities as checkpoints on the Butcombe Trail Ultra. If you are doing recces of the route, please pop into the pub and buy a drink or some food, and be sure to let them know you are training for the BTU!

  • Route 1

35.7 km / 22.2 miles: OS Maps link  |  GPX download  Updated 10 January 2023

BTU56: This recce is the entire western loop of the race route.

BTU50: From Axbridge back to The Swan is all race route. The first few miles, heading South, are off-route to complete the closed recce loop (and are a taster of the BTU56!).

Swan recce

A shorter version of this recce can be run by cutting off the ‘Bleadon loop’ and continuing straight on at Christon Hill.

  • Route 2

55.6 km / 34.6 miles

BTU56: Simply run the entire east loop of the BTU56, using the main maps / GPX file on the ‘routes’ page.

BTU50: The section from Cheddar back to the Swan is not part of the BTU50.

  • Route 3

20.2 km / 12.6 miles

This recce covers the section that is different between the BTU50 and BTU56. Begin by running south to The Lamb, then turn left (east) off the BTU56 route and run through Axbridge to Cheddar (backwards on the BTU50 route). Rejoin the BTU56 where is splits from the BTU50 at Bradley Cross.

You can use the BTU56 maps/GPX to follow this route.

Swan mid section recce

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